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Completed Projects

Date/Project Physician Lead Description/Link to Report
2 December, 2021

Review and Clinical Application of BC’s Three Legislative Acts for Vulnerable Patients Requiring Hospitalization

Carolyn Stark and Matt Halstead

An educational session, co-sponsored with the Kootenay Boundary Regional CPD program, with discussion to encourage best practice with regards to utilizing the health care consent and care facility admissions act, mental health act, and adult guardianship act.

This will help facilitate clinical decision making with increasingly complex patients admitted to our acute care facility with overlapping psychiatric and medical needs and allow for the safe and appropriate utilization of medicolegal legislature.

30-35 Physicians from KBRH have been invited to a working dinner at the Josie 2nd December, 2021.

20th November, 2021

Canadian Physicians Financial Wellness Conference

Sue Babensee Several physicians attended the first annual Canadian Physicians Financial Wellness Conference by physicians for physicians on zoom.  Feedback by those who attended was excellent.
November – December 2021 Ken McCaskill Re-frame the old physician check-in board and hang it somewhere in KBRH.  There are very few physicians left on the board still working.  A bit of history and memorabilia.  Arranging quotes for frame and positioning of the board.

Completed October 2021

Joy in the Workplace

Sue Benzer

Dr. Sue Benzer is leading a leadership/team building project with the Maternity/Paediatric department at KBRH. The project is a template to systematically address the workplace culture and significant challenges we face at our hospital, which scored amongst the lowest in the province in engagement. Physicians are an essential part of the solution and there is direct alignment with the objectives of facility engagement funding as well as the strategic priorities of KBPA.

The “Joy in the Workplace” project will be compensating and encouraging physicians to be involved in significant change initiatives within the hospital that will improve the work environments for both physicians and nurses as well as improve patient care and decrease costs. The project is running at KBRH from April to October 2021.

29th October, 2021 

2nd Annual KBRH Pumpkin Carving Contest

Sue Babensee Some much needed ‘light relief’ was provided last Friday as judging for the 2nd Annual Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital Pumpkin Carving Contest got underway.

Judges, Sgt. Mike Wicentowich, Detachment Commander for Trail RCMP and Rebecca Smyth Board Member KBRH Health Foundation, had a hard time choosing winners from the 14 amazing (and in some cases a bit grotesque) pumpkins displayed in the KBRH reception area. All pumpkins were hand crafted by KBRH departments and physicians, with the potential to win in one of four categories; Best In Show;   House of Horror – Dietary Department Most Creative Pumpkin; Bowel Protocol Ben – Poplar Ridge,  Most Unique Pumpkin; Pumpkin Spiced Diarrhea – Aspen Materinity Department and Scariest Pumpkin; Scary Pumpkin – Support Services Department.

13th October, 2021

Hospitalist Transformation Project

Stef Houde  A working dinner was held at the Aurum Boardroom at the Josie with lead Physician Dr. Stef Houde.  15 Hospitalist met to discuss implementing a new Hospitalist system at KBRH.

20-26th September, 2021

#Gobybike week BC and KBPA Bike Cage

Dave Cook For the 2nd year running KB Doctors has entered a team in the #GoByBikeBC event. The idea is to encourage everyone to get on their bike and ride; to work or for fun. A big thank you to the KBPA for providing a new bike rack in the KBPA Bike Cage. The new bike rack was made by local MOFAB from Rossland.

21st September, 2021 #KBRHStaffAppreciationDay

Kristen Edge Thank you to KBRH staff and physicians KBPA supported the Appreciation Cafe at the Grind Cafe at KBRH on the 21st September, 2021 to show appreciation for KBRH staff and physicians. BTW: The chocolate cookies were the favourite!

7th July, 2021

Internal Medicine Inpatient Consult Service to Hospitalist Program – Working Dinner Phase 3

Karen Humphreys and Beth Woodrow

The aim of the project is to provide support for the hospitalist program and to improve patient care. Phase 3: A working dinner was arranged on the 7th July, 2021 at Karen Humphrey’s place to communicate the IM Consult service framework. 12 physicians IM/Hospitalists from KBRH attended. Beth presented the available literature surrounding the IM consultation and Karen presented the three most common models of IM/Hospitalist models of care in Canada.

22nd June, 2021

KBRH Psychiatry and Emergency Education Dinner Part 2

Carolyn Stark

 A working group dinner was held at Gabriella’s in Rossland on the 22nd June 2021. The focus of the dinner was for an update on topics regarding the Emergency Department care of Psychiatric Patients.

Dr. Stephanie Cameron was MC and key topics were: Dr. Carolyn Stark – Review of the Mental Health Act, Forms 4 and 5 Joann Auger – Seclusion and Restraint Procedure and Policy 18 KBRH Psychiatry and Emergency Physicians attended, 6 KBRH managers and nurses attended, along with 3 Residents; Dr. Cindy Ge, Dr. Rachel Boyle and Dr. Patricia Jiang.

February-May 2021

Hospitalists Team Building Project 

Steff Houde 14 /16 and 13/16 physicians participated in the workshops respectively, which is impressive given that several would be working / on call during these sessions. Our hospitalist group has undergone substantial transitions over the past few years and this was a great step to finding alignment on their path forward.  This project started in February 2021 and has evolved into the Hospitalists Transformation Project which is being integrated by Dr. Houde and her team during the latter part of 2021 at KBRH.

31st May, 2021


Sue Babensee

Perfect mural painting weather during the month of May for Tyler Toews (Mural Artist) who designed and painted the
#KBRHGratitudeMural. Dr. Sue Babensee lead the project with amazing collaboration from Ruth Kohut and her team at KBRH.

The project has been posted on KBDoctors Facebook page, Shaw Spotlight has done a mini-documentary and Dr. Babensee (Project Lead) talked with Chris Walker on CBC DayBreak Kelowna about the #KBRHGratitudeMural.

The #KBRHGratitudeMural was completed on 31st May, 2021 – read the full story here.

5th May 2021


Kristen Edge Our KBPA continues to support a multitude of physician projects aimed at improving patient care and physician life at KBRH. As a thank you to all KBRH staff for their support and hard work, the KBPA supplied free coffee and drinks on 5th May 2021 from the Grind Coffee Shop at KBRH. We also took the opportunity to display the design for the #KBRHGratitudeMural to show KBRH staff prior to releasing the mural design to the media. The next #KBRHStaffAppreciationDay will be in September 2021.

April, 2021

#KBRHSmilesFace Button Project

Sue Babensee The goal of the KBPA #KBRHSmilesFace Button Project is to support patient centered care by eliminating or reducing a level of fear and anxiety for patients who find comfort in seeing the smiling faces of their providers and health care team members. The initial idea came from KBRH Radiologist Dr. Sue Babensee, which was further supported unanimously by the KBPA working group.

The KBPA are supplying all staff; physicians, nurses, and admin – everybody who works at KBRH – a “face button” to wear so patients and colleagues can see your smiling faces behind the masks. Read More

31st December, 2020


Sue Babensee Back in September, 2020 the KBPA put in a garden at the back entry to the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital, named the Gratitude Garden. It happened to be during COVID and the garden has put a lot of smiles on people’s faces. The back entry is important as a lot of the Physicians, Nurses, Healthcare Workers and staff pass the Gratitude Garden to enter the hospital. A couple of physicians came up with the idea to create a mural behind the garden.

After a facilitation process that is happening in December 2020, a group of Physicians will decide on the key message for the mural. The mural will be painted in Spring 2021.

An underlying goal is to leverage happiness and community development research, showing the emotion of gratitude, has a positive impact on personal health, collegial relationships, and patient care.

“Experiencing gratitude can increase your mood and lower your stress levels. It can even strengthen your immune system and lower your blood pressure. Experiencing gratitude also can make you feel a stronger social connection, which itself has this whole host of positive benefits.” Dr Laurie Santos Professor of Psychology at Yale University.

On hold due to COVID

Physician Exchange Program PEP

Adam Stich The Project was initially proposed by Dr. Scot Mountain usuing FE funding, in collaboration with Dr. Jim Wiedrick and Dr. Geoff Coleshill who felt it was important to break down barriers to Physicians networking in the region with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. See results of Phase 1. survey here. Dr. Adam Stich is the lead Physician in 2020. On-hold re COVID.

30th October, 2020

Pumpkin Carving Contest at KBRH 

Sue Babensee

Show us your scalpel skills” they were asked and 14 KBRH departments rallied to each put in a Pumpkin Exhibit at the KBPA Pumpkin Carving Contest judged on the 30th October, 2020.Great feedback: “It was a wonderful event to engage and improve staff morale.” says one exhibitor. Read More

28th October, 2020

Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine Collaborative

Carolyn Stark On October 28th, 2020 – 22 x KBRH Emergency and Psychiatry Physicians, Residents, Nurses and Administrators joined a 3 hour educational update by KBRH Psychiatrist Dr. Carolyn Stark and Dr. Paul Carey MHSU Medical Director, MC was Dr. Stephanie Cameron.
Feedback like “awesome” “excellent” “do-it-again” showed the level of interest in these topics. The event was held at the Prestige in Rossland, full COVID precautions were taken; with attendees sitting 6 feet apart, masks on when moving around the floor, and a buffet meal was served.

Dr. Paul Carey joined via zoom.

The event was a fantastic collaboration between KBPA, CPD and CME giving a sessional and a CME to the KBRH Physicians for the event. Thank you to everyone who was involved setting this up.

28th September – 4th October, 2020

Go By Bike BC Week

Dave Cook Each year, @GoByBike BC’s Spring & Fall Bike to Work & School Week encourages British Columbian’s to choose their bicycles for transportation rather than a motor vehicle. This year, KBDoctors entered a team! 28th September – 4th October, 2020.

Last year the KBPA funded the Bike Cage Project at KBRH situated behind the MRI Trailer. The Bike Cage is secure and available to all KBRH staff. Physicians need to see Cheryl Askew to update their Chubb Card to access the Bike Cage and all other KBRH staff need to see their managers. It holds about 20 bikes. It has a security camera on it, however, please lock up your bike as well.

June, 2020

The Gratitude Garden

Sue Babensee New life has been given to 3 garden beds at the back entrance of KBRH. The initial idea to reinvigorate the back garden was the brainchild of Sue Benzer and her thought was to call it “The Gratitude Garden”. Sue passed her thoughts onto Sue Babensee who took up the lead. With the help of Luc and his team, 3 gardens were planted within a month. As COVID hit, a little greenery at the back entry brought smiles to some faces. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”
The next step is the possibility of adding a mural reflecting “Gratitude” to the wall/s behind the garden. Discussions in the fall with our Working Group will discuss the types of images and their significance and how this mural can impact our community. (plus brighten up the back area).

2nd July, 2020

Advert Re: COVID in the Trail Times

Ken McCaskill To the people and businesses of the West Kootenays,
The entire Health Care Staff of the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital and surrounding Clinics wish to thank the people and businesses of the area for their remarkable adherence to the guidelines in Covid-19 prevention. We have all seen an amazing and swift change in our behavior in a very short time and this has contributed to the very low incidence of disease in our area.
Going forward, as we open up our socializing and businesses, it is important that we continue to observe the lessons we have learned in the last few months. Keep good hygiene and distancing and keep us all healthy!
Thank you from all of us!

From the doctors, nurses, midwives, respiratory/lab/diagnostic imaging technicians, administration, cleaning staff, and maintenance personnel of KBRH.

Assessing the volume status of dialysis patients using bedside lung ultrasound Paul Raju The aim of the project was to use ultrasound to safely guide fluid removal therapy during hemodialysis and prevent hypotension during dialysis.  The analysis of the results demonstrated a statistical decrease in the overall time patients were hypotensive while on dialysis.
Furthermore, the ultrasound allowed project investigators to identify those patients with sub-clinical congestive heart failure (that is those without signs or symptoms of heart failure) who benefited from additional fluid removal.  Read More

18th June, 2020

Staff Appreciation Day

Sue Benzer Free coffee and drinks for all staff and physicians from the Grind Coffee Shop at KBRH were put on by the Kootenay Boundary Physicians Association on 18th June 2020 as a thank you for all their support and hard work.
Over 130 uplifting Gratitude Notes were written, extremely positive, and highlighting the teamwork during COVID-19.  A canvas banner has been made to replace last year’s banner and will hang in the entrance or cafeteria at KBRH.  Read More
#masks4all Rossland Sam Segal The #masks4all Rossland Cloth Face Mask Project is a grassroots community-driven campaign to educate and promote wearing cloth face masks in public by the Rossland Community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about it here.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR Cynthia Neil An 8 week course was held early 2020 at KBRH for physicians and medical students teaching how to cultivate a different relationship between yourself and things that challenge you in your life. In November 2019 and March 2020 Dr Neil also held day-long silent retreat. Let us know if you would like to join the next course.
Maid Meetings Kynan Bazley It is an opportunity for physicians involved in providing MAID assessments or provisions to come together to share experiences, challenges and questions about how this work affects us personally and collectively. Quarterly meetings are held regionally by invitation.
Physician Wellness Sue Benzer Physician Wellness: This program addresses the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of physicians by providing activities and programs to reduce stress, improve workplace morale, and improve physical health.
Monthly Physician’s Social Sue Benzer Monthly Physician Socials are held in the Physicians Lounge at KBRH from 3-5 pm usually on the 3rd Thursday of each month. A scrumptous afternoon tea is served. Some of the themes to date: Mindfulness – sourcing local food and mindful conversation, Kootenay Lifestyle – ideas on family activities in the Kootenays, Self-Care Challenge – choose an activity and a self-care project. Digital Wellness – highlighting our new SM campaign for recruiting and bringing attention to the use of digital products in our life.
Apres Ski Hot Chocolate Social Sue Benzer After a day skiing at Red Resort, a wonderful afternoon was spent at the Josie (the foot of Red Mountain) drinking hot chocolate and eating poutine with Physicians and their families. 2nd February, 2020
Patient Safety Learning System PSLS Information flow and feedback review Eileen Purssell Phase 1 revealed 3 pathways in which an individual Physician could influence quality of care. Significant obstacles to information flow through the Medical Administration process and the PSLS process were noted. To be continued…..Phase 2. Understanding the current physician experience and information flow within the quality improvement processes is needed to assess the effectiveness of the system to influence patient safety and quality of care at KBRH.
Lean In ED Jeff Hussey The LEAN in ED project was to achieve and sustain continuous improvement methodology into the new KBRH Emergency Department. Improvements in efficiency, safety, communication and morale/engagement in the ED were taught in 4 full-day LEAN sessions over 5 weeks. Lead by Dr. Jeff Hussey and taught by Tav Horkoff, IH. All up, over 11 ED Physicians attended along with another 35 other IH staff. 11 & 23 September, 7 & 25th October, 2019
Code Orange Jeff Hussey The purpose of the 3 hour training was to improve the systems response to Mass Casualty Incidents at KBRH. Emergency management training will directly contribute to the improvement of safety and culture of the workforce by improving awareness of emergency plans and confirming roles and responsibilities during an Code Orange emergency event. 19 Physicians and RN’s attended. Highlights were reveiwing Code Orange Plans, understanding the Incident Command System and triage training. Lead by Dr. Jeff Hussey and session delivered by Terry Miller and Ryan Kuhn (IH). 19th November, 2019.
Dr. Roy Livingston’s Retirement Party Sue Benzer A celebration for Dr. Roy Livingston retirement. Held at the RiverBelle, Trail. Over 50+ colleagues and family attended and had a fun time going down memory lane was had by all. Dr. Ken LaRose was the MC. 6th September, 2019.
KBRH Hospitalist Services Redesign Matthew Herman To assess GP status and needs in our community in regards to hospital services. Designing and proposing a new hospitalist service model.
Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) Eileen Purssell To assist physician in navigating the PQI process to understand the factors influencing the completion of MOST forms.
Simulation Centre Development Scot Mountain Utilize local, trained expertise to provide education to local physician’s and allied health staff. 
Visioning of Regional Oncology Services Kate Foreman To identify needs, develop a plan for integration to the current system, and clarify funding models and future support levels from the BCCA.
Relationship, Culture, & Engagement Initiative Mike Robinson Relationship, Culture, & Engagement Initiative: To support various activities related to the relationship between physician & IH leadership to positively impact the culture and engagement at the facility and ultimately patient care. 
Physician Exchange Program Scot Mountain To breakdown longstanding rivalries, and build up interpersonal relationships.
GP Call Stipend for Surgical Assists

Todd Owatz

GP Call Stipend for Surgical Assists: Surgical assistance at KBRH is essential to the safe performance of all surgical procedures. Our family physician colleagues should also receive Level 1 MOCAP call and should be compensated at the same level as surgeons are. Creating appropriate remuneration and process are key.
Physician Wellness

Sue Benzer

Physician Wellness: This program will address the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of physicians by providing activities and programs to reduce stress, improve workplace morale, and improve physical health.
K-BONE: Kootenay Boundary Osteoarthritis Needs Exploration

Sam Segal

K-BONE: Kootenay Boundary Osteoarthritis Needs Exploration: To explore the feasibility of establishing a patient registry and an education and neuromuscular exercise based program in the Kootenay Boundary by engaging community stakeholders (patients, primary care providers, allied health professionals, local industry, funding agencies and IH) in a dialogue around education and promotion of specific exercises as a treatment for OA.
Surgical Optimization Initiative

Mike Hjelkrem

Surgical Optimization Initiative: To establish optimized communications and care coordination for surgical patients and their provider team.
ICU integrated electronic medical notes

John Peachell

ICU integrated electronic medical record summary: To explore the ICU EMR redesign/ rebuild needs such that the medical summary/ notes are integrated within the ecosystem of EHRs.
New Handcrafted Boardroom Table

Kathryn Hale

New Handcrafted Boardroom Table: To design and install a handcrafted boardroom table that represents a meeting place for meaningful and collaborative discussions and trusted relationships among physicians and IH at KBRH.
New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment

Ian Sibbald

New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment: Newly equipped space will facilitate dialogue and teaching opportunities between physicians, medical students and residents in a secure, private area designated for their interaction.
Visioning of Internal Medicine

Deanna Teichrob

Visioning of Internal Medicine: The Internal Medicine department is looking at ways to improve the service that they are offering including how to improve inpatient consult and follow-ups, preoperative care, chronic care clinics, succession planning, and overall ideas of where the department should develop in the short and long term
Analysis of Orthopedic Infections

Mike Hjelkrem

Analysis of Orthopedic Infections: Improve patient outcomes by reviewing the factors that contribute to infection free arthroplasty and be able to identify areas of potential weaknesses and solutions to correct those weaknesses.
Visioning of Internal Medicine

Deanna Teichrob

Visioning of Internal Medicine: The Internal Medicine department is looking at ways to improve the service that they are offering including how to improve inpatient consult and follow-ups, preoperative care, chronic care clinics, succession planning, and overall ideas of where the department should develop in the short and long term
Pilot Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program for Physicians Cynthia Neil Develop and implement a mindfulness stress reduction program to alleviate stress and physician burn-out. Check out the report!
GP- SP Networking Dinners x 2 Stephanie Houde  Dinners to improve communication and understanding between GPs and specialists regarding role each plays in co-managing patients. 2 dinners held, first report here, second forthcoming.
Visioning of Internal Medicine Deanna Teichrob Initial visioning meeting complete.
The Internal Medicine department was looking at ways to improve service offering including how to improve inpatient consult and follow-ups, preoperative care, chronic care clinics, succession planning, and overall ideas of where the department should develop in the short and long term.
Analysis of Deep Surgical Site Orthopedic Infections Mike Hjelkrem Literature review complete. IH Quality assurance activities underway. Awareness raised. Scoping exercise identified next phase project.Analysis of Orthopedic Infections: Improve patient outcomes by reviewing the factors that contribute to infection free arthroplasty and be able to identify areas of potential weaknesses and solutions to correct those weaknesses.
New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment Ian Sibbald New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment: Newly equipped space will facilitate dialogue and teaching opportunities between physicians, medical students and residents in a secure, private area designated for their interaction.
Emergency Department (ED) and Psychiatry Working Dinner (HEARTSMAP) Jeff Hussey 20 attendees (17 physicians, 3 nurses)
Well received and high level of engagement. Mixed reviews of actual implementation within ED but overall anticipated to move forward with further training and promotion. HEARTSMAP has small fund available (10 hours) to support a local physician lead to promote tool. Engagement complete.
Conversations with KBRH Quality Stakeholders Eileen Purssell To demonstrate the value of partnership-based relationships and improve the physician engagement with current quality processes, broken into two phases. Phase I: Identify the existing processes for physicians to influence quality objectives, identify the flow of information, develop partnerships with stakeholders.Check out the report!
Medical Device Reprocessing Assessment Stephanie Cameron Data analysis complete. Project complete. Physician lead sharing learnings with regional providers under shared care.
Hand Surgery in West Kootenays – A Needs Assessment Lee-Anne Laverty Project closed
Ambulatory Care Unit Advocacy Ron Cameron Advocacy efforts complete.
Sexual Assault Team Revitalisation Nattana Dixon-Warren Information session held, 11 participants. New leader identified, changeover of leadership to occur in new year along with planning of spring event. Funding for group elevated to Level 2, effective April 2019, to continue service. Initial efforts complete.
Electronic Pre-Printed Orders – Development and Implementation Scot Mountain Distribution of the new ER admission PPO has gone out to ER docs, hospitalists and family docs as pilot. Other priority PPOs under development. Initial efforts complete.
Operating Room efficiency via use of a “Flip” Room – A Demonstration Project Seth Bitting Collected all turnover data. Disseminating results to Surgical dept & Regional MAC. Next steps unknown. Report forthcoming.