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Completed Projects


Project Physician Lead Description/Link to Report
Pilot Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program for Physicians Cynthia Neil Develop and implement a mindfulness stress reduction program to alleviate stress and physician burn-out.

Check out the report!

GP- SP Networking Dinners x 2 Stephanie Houde  Dinners to improve communication and understanding between GPs and specialists regarding role each plays in co-managing patients. 2 dinners held, first report here, second forthcoming.
Visioning of Internal Medicine Deanna Teichrob Initial visioning meeting complete.
The Internal Medicine department was looking at ways to improve service offering including how to improve inpatient consult and follow-ups, preoperative care, chronic care clinics, succession planning, and overall ideas of where the department should develop in the short and long term.
Analysis of Deep Surgical Site Orthopedic Infections Mike Hjelkrem Literature review complete. IH Quality assurance activities underway. Awareness raised. Scoping exercise identified next phase project.

Analysis of Orthopedic Infections: Improve patient outcomes by reviewing the factors that contribute to infection free arthroplasty and be able to identify areas of potential weaknesses and solutions to correct those weaknesses.

New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment Ian Sibbald New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment: Newly equipped space will facilitate dialogue and teaching opportunities between physicians, medical students and residents in a secure, private area designated for their interaction.
Emergency Department (ED) and Psychiatry Working Dinner (HEARTSMAP) Jeff Hussey 20 attendees (17 physicians, 3 nurses)
Well received and high level of engagement. Mixed reviews of actual implementation within ED but overall anticipated to move forward with further training and promotion. HEARTSMAP has small fund available (10 hours) to support a local physician lead to promote tool. Engagement complete.
Conversations with KBRH Quality Stakeholders Eileen Purssell To demonstrate the value of partnership-based relationships and improve the physician engagement with current quality processes, broken into two phases. Phase I: Identify the existing processes for physicians to influence quality objectives, identify the flow of information, develop partnerships with stakeholders.

Check out the report!

Medical Device Reprocessing Assessment Stephanie Cameron Data analysis complete. Project complete. Physician lead sharing learnings with regional providers under shared care.
Hand Surgery in West Kootenays – A Needs Assessment Lee-Anne Laverty Project closed
Ambulatory Care Unit Advocacy Ron Cameron Advocacy efforts complete.
Sexual Assault Team Revitalisation Nattana Dixon-Warren Information session held, 11 participants. New leader identified, changeover of leadership to occur in new year along with planning of spring event. Funding for group elevated to Level 2, effective April 2019, to continue service. Initial efforts complete.
Electronic Pre-Printed Orders – Development and Implementation Scot Mountain Distribution of the new ER admission PPO has gone out to ER docs, hospitalists and family docs as pilot. Other priority PPOs under development. Initial efforts complete.
Operating Room efficiency via use of a “Flip” Room – A Demonstration Project Seth Bitting Collected all turnover data. Disseminating results to Surgical dept & Regional MAC. Next steps unknown. Report forthcoming.