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Current Projects

Project Physician Lead Description
Review and Clinical Application of BC’s Three Legislative Acts for Vulnerable Patients Requiring Hospitalization

2nd December 2021

Carolyn Stark and Matt Halstead

An educational session, co-sponsored with the Kootenay Boundary Regional CPD program, with discussion to encourage best practice with regards to utilizing the health care consent and care facility admissions act, mental health act, and adult guardianship act.

This will help facilitate clinical decision making with increasingly complex patients admitted to our acute care facility with overlapping psychiatric and medical needs and allow for the safe and appropriate utilization of medicolegal legislature.

30-35 Physicians from KBRH have been invited to a working dinner at the Josie 2nd December, 2021.

November – December 2021 Ken Mccaskill Reframe the old physician check in board and hang it somewhere in KBRH.  There are very few physicians left on the board still working.  A bit of history and memorabilia.  Arranging quotes for frame and positioning of the board.
IM-ICU-GIM Group Dinner

11th January, 2022

John Peachell Inter-departmental conversation between IM-ICU-GIM group. Venue TBA
Cultural Sensitivity Talk Sue Babensee