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Current Projects

Project / Date
Physician Lead Description
6th April, 2022

22/106 IM-ICU-GIM Group Dinner

John Peachell Inter-departmental conversation between IM-ICU-GIM group.
10th March, 2022

22/101 Reducing Overwhelm in Parenting for Physician Workshop

Hilary Brotherhood Reducing Overwhelm in Parenting for Physician l A parenting presentation for physicians (parents and their co-parents) with children 18months to 7 years old. Presented by Myla Leinweber B.Ed, M.Ed, PCI Certified Parent Coach and Parent Educator via Zoom sponsored by CME and KBPA.  21 Physicians signed up for the event.  Plus we have a follow up session in April.
6th March, 2022

22/111 Hot Chocolate Apres Ski Social

Ian Sibbald Hot Chocolate Apres Ski Social at the base of Red Resort.  Physicians and their families enjoyed an afternoon of Hot Chocolate, poutine and coffee.  Games and art was available for the kids, good old fashion face-to-face talking was enjoyed by the adults!
Started March, 2022

22/105 ICU Clinical Associate Project

Nick Leinweber The intent of the CA program is to create a more sustainable schedule/ physician staffing model through the use of CA’s at KBRH ICU that lessons the burden on ICU physician staff and aids in the prevention of physician burnout, and, most importantly, ensure our patients are received the highest quality of care from rested and supported critical care physicians.
Approved March, 2022

Awaiting relocation to new Physicians Lounge in June 2022

22/102 Physicians Health Lounge

Carolyn Stark A place for Physicians to connect that offers sound nutritional food and drink, particularly after hours and on weekends is currently a gap at KBRH.  This project aims to enhance Physician Wellness at KBRH, by creating a comfortable space to collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines and simultaneously offering nourishment.  This space will be well utilized by the Monday to Friday crowd, but also for those Physicians working overnight and on weekends when food and drink is extremely limited in house.
Approved March, 2022

Scheduled June 10th/17th

22/103 KBRH Physician Professional Headshot

Carolyn Stark The aim of this project is to provide all KBRH Physicians with a head shot that can be utilized from a professional standpoint.  As physicians we are often called upon to provide pictures for various professional and educational purposes, and having a high grade photograph available as an entire physician collective will be of great use.  Most physicians have old outdated headshot photographs, and every physician needs an updated headshot that showcases the professionalism of the physician.
25th February, 2022

22/113 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) What does EDI at KBRH look like?

Tara Gill A group of 6 KBRH physicians started the discussion, drafted out a project proposal to form a committee with next steps on this important subject and now are awaiting approval from the Working Group.
24th February, 2022

22/109 Heeding the Call – An Educational Cultural Sensitivity Presentation

Sue Babensee Heeding the Call – An Educational Cultural Sensitivity Presentation, Dinner and Discussion with Dr.
Leah Seaman, Family Medicine Expert, Christy Anderson, Aboriginal Health
Liaison and COINS Elder held at the Prestige in Rossland. The presentation offered a case study to discuss and introduction to some valuable resources developed in the Kootenay Boundary to support the delivery of culturally safe care. 20 KBPA Physicians attended.
11th and 17th February, 2022

22/104 Recruitment and Retention in Kootenay Boundary

Tara Gill and Megan Taylor Two focus groups with Med Students and Residents were held to brainstorm eecruitment and Retention in Kootenay Boundary.  KBDoctors Recruitment and retention of General Practitioners and Specialist physicians to rural locations is essential for the health and well-being of our communities. Significant investments are made by both the Health Authority and local initiatives (Facility Engagement, Divisions, Municipalities etc.)  As a representative sample of new physicians interested in rural medicine, we seek insights on how best to attract talented physicians to this beautiful area.
2 December, 2021

Review and Clinical Application of BC’s Three Legislative Acts for Vulnerable Patients Requiring Hospitalization

Carolyn Stark and Matt Halstead

An educational session, co-sponsored with the Kootenay Boundary Regional CPD program, with discussion to encourage best practice with regards to utilizing the health care consent and care facility admissions act, mental health act, and adult guardianship act.

This will help facilitate clinical decision making with increasingly complex patients admitted to our acute care facility with overlapping psychiatric and medical needs and allow for the safe and appropriate utilization of medicolegal legislature.

30-35 Physicians from KBRH have been invited to a working dinner at the Josie 2nd December, 2021.

20th November, 2021

Canadian Physicians Financial Wellness Conference

Sue Babensee Several physicians attended the first annual Canadian Physicians Financial Wellness Conference by physicians for physicians on zoom.  Feedback by those who attended was excellent.
November – December 2021 Ken McCaskill Re-frame the old physician check-in board and hang it somewhere in KBRH.  There are very few physicians left on the board still working.  A bit of history and memorabilia.  Arranging quotes for frame and positioning of the board.