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Current Projects

Project Physician Lead Description
KBRH Hospitalist Services Redesign


Matthew Herman To assess GP status and needs in our community in regards to hospital services. Designing and proposing a new hospitalist service model.
Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST)


Eileen Purssell To assist physician in navigating the PQI process to understand the factors influencing the completion of MOST forms.
Simulation Centre Development


Scot Mountain Utilize local, trained expertise to provide education to local physician’s and allied health staff. 
Visioning of Regional Oncology Services


Kate Foreman To identify needs, develop a plan for integration to the current system, and clarify funding models and future support levels from the BCCA.
Relationship, Culture, & Engagement Initiative


Mike Robinson Relationship, Culture, & Engagement Initiative: To support various activities related to the relationship between physician & IH leadership to positively impact the culture and engagement at the facility and ultimately patient care. 
Physician Exchange Program


Scot Mountain To breakdown longstanding rivalries, and build up interpersonal relationships.
GP Call Stipend for Surgical Assists

Todd Owatz


GP Call Stipend for Surgical Assists: Surgical assistance at KBRH is essential to the safe performance of all surgical procedures. Our family physician colleagues should also receive Level 1 MOCAP call and should be compensated at the same level as surgeons are. Creating appropriate remuneration and process are key.
Physician Wellness


Sue Benzer


Physician Wellness: This program will address the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of physicians by providing activities and programs to reduce stress, improve workplace morale, and improve physical health.
K-BONE: Kootenay Boundary Osteoarthritis Needs Exploration


Sam Segal


K-BONE: Kootenay Boundary Osteoarthritis Needs Exploration: To explore the feasibility of establishing a patient registry and an education and neuromuscular exercise based program in the Kootenay Boundary by engaging community stakeholders (patients, primary care providers, allied health professionals, local industry, funding agencies and IH) in a dialogue around education and promotion of specific exercises as a treatment for OA.
Surgical Optimization Initiative


Mike Hjelkrem


Surgical Optimization Initiative: To establish optimized communications and care coordination for surgical patients and their provider team.
ICU integrated electronic medical notes


John Peachell


ICU integrated electronic medical record summary: To explore the ICU EMR redesign/ rebuild needs such that the medical summary/ notes are integrated within the ecosystem of EHRs.
New Handcrafted Boardroom Table


Kathryn Hale


New Handcrafted Boardroom Table: To design and install a handcrafted boardroom table that represents a meeting place for meaningful and collaborative discussions and trusted relationships among physicians and IH at KBRH.
New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment


Ian Sibbald


New ED Physician Student Work Area Equipment: Newly equipped space will facilitate dialogue and teaching opportunities between physicians, medical students and residents in a secure, private area designated for their interaction.
Visioning of Internal Medicine


Deanna Teichrob


Visioning of Internal Medicine: The Internal Medicine department is looking at ways to improve the service that they are offering including how to improve inpatient consult and follow-ups, preoperative care, chronic care clinics, succession planning, and overall ideas of where the department should develop in the short and long term
Analysis of Orthopedic Infections


Mike Hjelkrem


Analysis of Orthopedic Infections: Improve patient outcomes by reviewing the factors that contribute to infection free arthroplasty and be able to identify areas of potential weaknesses and solutions to correct those weaknesses.