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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Recognizing Orange Shirt Day

Dr. Tara Gill and Genevieve David with the foyer display

Our KBPA team led by Dr. Tara Gill in partnership with IHA administrative team Genevieve David and COINS representative Christy Anderson developed the first of many DEI information displays for the hospital. Displays about Orange Shirt Day were placed in the stairwell display boards and a larger information display in the foyer. Many people stopped throughout the day to read and learn about the origins of Orange Shirt Day and recognize the struggles faced by Aboriginal peoples in our province. This is the first of an ongoing DEI information sharing initiative that will be visible in the stairwell displays monthly and foyer displays a few times throughout the year. 

KBPA DEI committee: Drs. Tara Gill, Anne Dobson, Lisa Vasil, Hilary Brotherhood, Carolyn Stark