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Staff Appreciation Day at KBRH

What are you most grateful for during the COVID planning period?

Free coffee and drinks for all staff and physicians from the Grind Coffee staff_appreciation_day_KBRHShop at KBRH were put on by the  Kootenay Boundary Physicians Association on Thursday 18th June 2020 as a thank you for all their support and hard work.

Prior to ordering a drink all staff and physicians were asked to fill in a Gratitude Note. 

Over 130 uplifting Gratitude Notes were written, extremely positive, and highlighting the teamwork during COVID-19.

The KBPA will also be producing a poster showing the Gratitude Notes written at the Staff Appreciation Day at KBRH.

Physician Lead:  Dr. Susan Benzer

Project Co-Ordinator:  Kimberley Pegg